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December 19, 2003

I Hate The Offseason!

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I do. Fortunately, it’s only the offseason here in the U.S. of A. So one can still catch lots of good games on Fox Sports World. Still, I don’t really have a rooting interest in any international teams, so the thrill of seeing your favorite team do well is lost.

Well, on the other hand, I root for the Dallas Burn, so that thrill has mostly been gone since last April.

But I digress.

But, truth be told, I actually do have a favorite English team now. Accrington Stanley. “Who?”, I hear you cry. Well, Accy were one of the oldest clubs in England when they were forced by financial losses to disband in 1962. Six years later, the town rallied and revived the side. Since then, they’ve been slowly climbing up the non-league ranks of English football, killing the occasional giant in the FA cup, and building up their stadium and fanbase simultaneously.

I just happened to catch them on TV the other day when beat 2nd Division Bournemouth in the 3rd round of the Cup (thank you very much, FSW). After I saw how scrappy and energetic and skilled they were for a non-league side, I decided, like any good American would, that I would root for the underdog. The game was a perfect example of the phenomenon that all soccer fans are familiar with, the exciting 0-0 draw. Non-fans find it hard to believe such a thing is possible, but some of the best games I’ve ever seen have been low scoring affairs. Anyway, since it was a cup tie, a result had to be attained, so after two extra time periods and then penalties, Accrington advanced, and I got a new favorite team.

In other news, My beloved Burn have had good things happening of late.

Groundbreaking for the new stadium in Frisco is imminent, for one thing. Can’t wait for that to become a reality. Also, in a stunningly fan-friendly move, Hunt Sports Group decided to move the team back to the Cotton Bowl for next season! Southlake High School’s Dragon Stadium was universally despised, and people stayed away in droves this last season. The Cotton Bowl has the most beautiful field in the league, in my opinion, and the move will be popular with players as well as fans. Not a few injuries from this season were blamed on the crappy Field Turf surface at Southlake. Let’s not even discuss the aesthetic deficiencies of the place, or the Un-American ban on beer sales.

I think the club saved some money by playing in Southlake last year, but they also lost a ton of goodwill from the longsuffering Burn ticket buyers. It was a class move to admit the mistake and head back home.

I like the choice of Colin Clarke as coach. He did a creditable job in the few games he had as caretaker coach last year, and deserved a shot. Also, the pickup of Scott Garlick for a 2nd round draft choice was a steal. Garlick is a solid professional and will be more than adequate while starter D.J. Countess is away on Olympic Team duty next summer.

I know I’m going to lose all my regular readers if I don’t post more, so be patient, and I’ll try to be more regular.

(I’m kidding about that, of course. I have no regular readers!)

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