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June 12, 2006


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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the U.S. Team that had their shiny shorts taken down by the Czechs today the same group that just 18 months ago went on strike? Isn’t this the same group that wasn’t getting enough money, love, and/or recgonition from the United States Soccer Federation? Isn’t this the same group of players that nearly forced Bruce Arena to bring a group of replacement players for a World Cup Qualifier?

I was within a hair’s breadth of giving up on the team completely back when that happened, as were many of you. But like me, I think, you decided to let it pass as a temporary bit of ugliness that had to happen as American soccer evolved to the next level. Forgive and forget, that’s what I say.

Fine. I stand by that decision. But now, if it’s all the same to them, I’d like to go ahead and see that next level.

I think that group of poor exploited workers had best put a little fire in their respective bellies before meeting Italy this Saturday. Perhaps they could go ahead and start earning all that money that was so important to them they had to walk out on their country to get it.

If they do not, then, in the words of Don Vito Corleone, “This I do not forgive”.

2 Responses to “STRIKE?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Oh, yeah! I thought this team was all happy and liked each other and stuff. I didn’t sympathize with the Federation at the time, but I sure do now. Unless we get a nice, juicy result against Corleonestan.

  2. Pierre Tristam/Candide's Notebooks Says:

    In case you’re interested… check out the Total Football section at Candide’s Notebooks, including live blogging & analysis of every game, uncensored. (

    Regarding the US team specifically, there seems to be a repeat of previous assumptions: they took the field with a little too much sense of entitlement, too little sense of respect for a Czech side that has always been what the Duitch used to be: every European team’s most dangerous minefield.

    Keep up the fun: no matter how unimpressive the Americans, they can’t spoil the torunament (only the Brazilians have that power, should they play without inspiration).

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