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June 15, 2006


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Brialliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT quote from FC Dallas boss Colin Clarke (as reported by the pretty-brilliant-his-own-self Buzz Carrick at 3rd Degree):

. . . I consider the supporters shield to be a lot more important this year. More important, I think, in a lot of ways, than the MLS Cup. It proves you were better the whole way and not that you won a 4 game knockout cup. Plus this year you get into the Champions Cup. Of course we know that MLS is set up for the MLS Cup.”

If more managers and GMs thought this way, the regular season would be ten times more exciting than it is. I know it has to do, partially, with the size of the league, but let’s face it, if 2/3 of the league make the playoffs, the regular season loses something. There’s no way around that. But if the Supporter’s Shield becomes just as important as the Rothenberg Trophy, well, then you have something to write home about.

Further, if things were as they should be, and more Coaches and GMs realized how important the US Open Cup is, you’d have three major titles up for grabs in one season. It is incalculable how much more interesting American soccer would be, if this were the case.

4 Responses to “QUOTE OF THE DAY”

  1. Nico Says:

    Bravo for Colin Clarke! The MLS playoffs are a farce. Hopefully we’ll see a shift in thinking that way. I’m much more interested in a “topping the table” than I am in seeing them get hot for a few weeks.

  2. Dan Says:

    Dream on. It’s not a farce when your team wins, believe me. Even winning the Champions Cup, let alone going to it, doesn’t compare. The playoff setup is a farce, and far fewer teams should make the postseason, but MLS Cup will always overshadow the Supporters Shield and the Open Cup.

  3. DJ Walker Says:

    No, I’m not trying to minimize winning the MLS Cup at all. Quite the opposite, I would probably trade certain unmentionable body parts to get one for FCD. I’m only saying that it would add to the excitment of the league overall to have the other too raised in stature.

  4. Nico Says:

    My team has won MLS Cup before and it honestly means less to me than the times they’ve won the Supporter’s Shield. I’m not saying I don’t want my team to win MLS Cup, just that it’s not as meaningful.

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