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November 17, 2006


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Not a single FC Dallas player was selected by Toronto in today’s expansion draft.

I’m not sure how I feel about that.


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THE GOOD: MLS Cup weekend was a blast. From the Meet and Greet on Friday evening to the post-game tailgate, the whole thing was great. Yours truly played in the Supporter’s Cup on Saturday morning, valiantly minding the goal and leading Team Sala to the finals, only to see a comined team of Houston and New England supporters triumph by a score of 4-1. So I could barely move all day Sunday without shooting pain in all my extremeties? It was soccer!

At halftime of that momentous battle, I asked Dario Sala (who, I guess, needed a few laughs and stopped by to watch), if he had any tips for the second half. He just shook his head, sadly, and said “No, but, DJ . . .you can do better than that . . .”  Then he busted out laughing. I laughed so hard I almost spewed Gatorade on the man.

I met Bruce McGuire of Du Nord! What a great guy. I could have spent hours and hours just chatting with him; I hope I get a chance to do just that one of these days. I saw my old buddy Dan Loney, too. I’m telling you, get me, Bruce, and Dan together talking soccer . . . well, I’m just saying there hasn’t been a more amusing trio in Texas since The Three Stooges appeared on Austin City Limits.

I also met Goalkeeper of the Year Troy Perkins at the Supporter’s Summit. You just can’t imagine a nicer kid. I think I can safely call him a ‘kid’, not out of disrespect, but just because I’m at the age (to my chagrin) where I’m old enough to have sired most of the young stars of the league. Not that I did, mind you . . .

Eric Wynalda was very gracious with his time, chatting with a group of fans and signing an autograph made out to the only Chicago Fire fan in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area, Mike Segroves.

Congratulations to the Inferno for planning and pulling off the whole weekend. It took a lot of volunteer work to get all the pieces together, but everyone in attendance agreed Dallas fans have set a very high bar for future supporter’s groups who find themselves hosting MLS Cup activities.

THE BAD:  For the second year in a row, the game was pretty much an afterthought for me, because, let’s face it, my boys weren’t in it.

THE UGLY : Watching your arch-rivals celebrate a championship on your very own home field . . . it’s like eating lots of re-fried beans and washing them down with a case of colyte.

November 8, 2006


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The Good: Chelsea got beat down by Tottenham last weekend, and that means someone other than Chelsea holds first place in the Premiership. Of course, that someone is Manchester United, so it’s not a perfect world by any means.

The Bad: BOLD MLS CUP PREDICTION – I hate to say this, but I believe Houston Dynamo are going to be the next holders of the Rothenberg Trophy. I’d prefer the Revs to get their first championship – goodness knows the longsuffering fans in New England deserve it, and they have the talent. In any case, I think it will be an entertaining match, with, I’m guessing, at least 5 goals scored. I’ll be going to Frisco for the festivities, Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise, so I should have a report on the whole deal early next week. Of course, I’m also planning on playing in the second annual Supporter’s Cup tournament on Saturday, so I could very well be in traction early next week.

The Ugly: The Colorado Rapids announced this week they’ve sold naming rights to their new stadium to (drumroll, please): DICK’S SPORTING GOODS. Sometimes, there is justice in the universe.

November 5, 2006


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The Good: Congrats to the New England Revolution for getting to MLS Cup for the 3rd time in their history. The last two times they’ve lost to LA Galaxy 1-0. Well, no Galaxy this time, so perhaps this is the year. I’m hoping if they win Mr. Kraft will spring for a new stadium and get them out of Foxboro forever. I had considered selling my tickets to the game when Dallas got knocked out, but I think I’ll go. Let’s face it, it’ll proabably be the last time we’ll see Clint Dempsey in an MLS uniform. And, I like the Revs better than any other team in the East, and seeing them win would assuage (a little) the pain of not seeing my own team there.

The Bad: The Rapids were unmasked for the overachieving, prima donna pretenders that they are. Enjoy your winter.

The Ugly: What is the story with this?

Ugliest Soccerball Ever

The English Premier League is actually using this as their winter “high visibility” ball. Did they lose a bet to someone at Nike?

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