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July 24, 2007


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I just like watching this goal now and then:

I also like seeing the ‘90 National Team Unis (the plain white shirt and blue shorts, not the one with the horrid diagonal shoulder stripes). Given the latest version, they don’t look too bad. And come on, seeing all those guys rockin’ the mullet is always good for a grin.

June 23, 2006


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Markus Merk is the worst dentist since Olivier in “Marathon Man”.

– Dan Loney

June 12, 2006


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Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the U.S. Team that had their shiny shorts taken down by the Czechs today the same group that just 18 months ago went on strike? Isn’t this the same group that wasn’t getting enough money, love, and/or recgonition from the United States Soccer Federation? Isn’t this the same group of players that nearly forced Bruce Arena to bring a group of replacement players for a World Cup Qualifier?

I was within a hair’s breadth of giving up on the team completely back when that happened, as were many of you. But like me, I think, you decided to let it pass as a temporary bit of ugliness that had to happen as American soccer evolved to the next level. Forgive and forget, that’s what I say.

Fine. I stand by that decision. But now, if it’s all the same to them, I’d like to go ahead and see that next level.

I think that group of poor exploited workers had best put a little fire in their respective bellies before meeting Italy this Saturday. Perhaps they could go ahead and start earning all that money that was so important to them they had to walk out on their country to get it.

If they do not, then, in the words of Don Vito Corleone, “This I do not forgive”.


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I’ve racked my brain all day to come up with a positive spin for the heinous debacle that was USA v Czech Republic.

Okay, here it is, and it can be summed up in one word: SANDBAGGING.

Bear with me for a moment.

Logically, it must be true that the boys were pretending to be timid, frightened, and totally lacking in both conviction and skill. See, because that way, Italy will take them lightly and WHAM, we kick their paisan butts all the way back to the Eternal City. After that, and a shellacking of their own at the hands of the Czechs, Ghana will fear us, and we’ll cruise past them and into the next round.

Because, don’t you understand, that the only alternative explanation is that the boys really did come out for the most important game of their lives and proceed to play timid, frightened, convictionless and skill-less football in front of the entire world?

And that couldn’t be the answer, could it?

June 2, 2006


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I know, as a soccer fanatic, patriot, and pundit, that I should be watching the replay of the Czech Republic friendly against Costa Rica.

I should be. But I’m not.

Why? I’m a coward, that’s why. I don’t want to see how good the Czechs are and get all petrified and whatnot just 10 days before we play them in the 1st round of the World Cup. I’m not terribly worried about Italy; apparently without bought-off refs and other help, they’re not that formidable. I’m not worried about Ghana, though I think they’ll be tough.

I’m worried about the Czechs.

So, yeah, I can’t bring myself to watch. I’ll admit it. I’m a mouse, not a man. Okay? That make you happy?

So shut up and tell me how the match went. I need to know!

Just not first-hand, that’s all.

May 29, 2006


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Jeff Jacobs of the Hartford Courant writes what is, for me, the best article yet on Il Bruce. It is Bruce, seen through the eyes of long-time friend and fellow coaching genius, Geno Auriemma of the UConn women’s basketball program. Here’s a snippet:

“Imagine if a guy from Yugoslavia came over here and was at a clinic with Bobby Knight, Dean Smith, John Wooden and Red Auerbach,” Auriemma said. “And the guy from Yugoslavia comes in and goes, `Hey, you know you guys have been doing this all wrong. Let me show you how to do it.’ The way Bruce is, I think he has a great appreciation for soccer and he is a tremendous student of the game. I think he respects the heritage of the game and all that. But he actually believes when his team takes the field against Italy or Czech Republic, he’s convinced his guys we’re going to win.

Do go read the whole thing.

April 14, 2006


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Sure, they call Beckenbauer “The Kaiser”, but, does he live in a castle?

No, I don’t think so.

Now, you take a great like Kasey Keller, he lives in a castle.

Plus, Kaiser alliterates so well with Kasey Keller. I hereby declare Kasey’s new nickname to be “The Kaiser”.

Help spread it around.

March 22, 2006


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I don’t know who hacked my blog and wrote that last drivel about the US/Germany game, but he sure doesn’t know anything about soccer.



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A full strength Germany will be able to manage nothing better than a draw with the injury depleted USA in today’s friendly. Thus continuing the irreversible downward spiral of German soccer that began in earnest with Italy’s 4-1 thrashing of the 3-time champions last month.

You heard it here first.

February 27, 2006


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Okay, it’s just a rumor. And, frankly, a rumor that I’ve just started, here in this very forum

But read this quote from il Bruce’s recent interview with, and tell me if it’s a little less outlandish than it might have been just a few weeks ago:

Your record at International level speaks for itself. Do you have aspirations to test yourself in European club football and could we see you managing in the Premiership one day?

I do have aspirations to coach in Europe. I would love to have an opportunity to manage in the Premiership. As with any manager or player, moving to a new club or country requires a period of adjustment. However, I believe with the right club and the right time to adjust, I could be successful.

Hmm…. Manchester United is owned by Americans . . . Bruce has a good World Cup . . . Fergie’s about ready to retire . . . hmm…..

Remember you heard it here first.

(Thanks to the always high-quality du nord for the link)

March 16, 2004

Marc Connolly

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A fine article by ESPN’s Marc Connolly on one of my favorite players.

December 22, 2003


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I was just watching Manchester City v Leeds on FSW. Claudio Reyna looks in terrific form. He was robbed by a save off the line in the first half, and came less than a foot from hitting the winner late in the second. His distribution and ball control are as sharp as ever. I’m glad he’s in his stride coming in to World Cup qualifiers. With Armas back, Donavan full of confidence, and a slew of quality newcomers, and a healthy in-form Claudio, qualifying looks bright.

The game ended up 1-1. I was rooting for Man City, because of Reyna, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed to see Leeds get the three points. Man, those guys are too full of talent to be in the relegation zone. They’re the Dallas Burn of the Premiership.

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